“Imagine You and Me” Block Screening

I’ve been struggling with writer’s block for so long now and please do spare me if this entry doesn’t do well.


So here it goes…..


It was on July 17,2016 when it all happened. Everyone gathered together at Robinsons Place Galleria for a one spectacular event, and that is the exclusive block screening of The Phenomenal Love Team’s movie: “Imagine You and Me”.

By the time we arrived at the venue, the place looks so festive and interactive. From there you can take your photos with complete props and all, and while doing that, you get to be entertained by the music from the official soundtrack of the movie.  As the time ticks by, people are starting to come in and even non-attendees are dropping by at our place. Just basing from everyone’s faces, I think and I feel that it was indeed an event to remember.

The day even got better when we were surprised by a sudden appearance by Mr. Bryan White himself, he was so kind enough to let us borrow some spare time just to have a quick photo opportunity which delighted everyone from the crowd.

At 6:00 pm, we were ushered inside the cinema. A short program was held before the movie starts, it was filled with appreciation talks and of course some raffle that really hyped up the crowd. There were a lot of fans who took home some most coveted prizes.

The night was not complete without the attendance from Maine’s Brother, NICO MENDOZA  together with his guest and his uncles, Tito Henry and Matt Capili. Aside from them, we were also joined by some other guests like Ms. Nora Calderon, A Showbiz Columnist; Lola Dub ; and Ms. Jenny Mapua, Senior Production Assistant from Eat Bulaga’s JFA AFJ segment.

I thought that night would just end there, but lo and behold. While we were just at the middle part of the movie, it suddenly froze, and our initial reaction was there any technical problems? and there on the right side of the alley, here comes Mr. Alden Richards himself. People inside the cinema was shocked and shrilled in delight. He came to personally extend his gratitude to everyone present for supporting their most awaited project. He only stayed for a couple of minutes but that brief visit made the entire night amazing.

I don’t know if we could top this event soon, but I will be longing for more events like this. I would like to commend everyone behind this event. You all did a great job! All of your hard-works and sleepless nights has been paid off.

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All photos courtesy of Maine Admirers Official.


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