The Maine Celebration

Let me take you back to July 9, 2016.

Some people might view this as an ordinary Saturday, but it was different not just for me but for everyone who loved this simple gal who once doubted her capabilities.

It’s been a year since you showed on our noontime television screens with a scowling face and a feisty attitude. It was a year ago when you introduced us to what dubsmashing is.

For just a year in the entertainment industry she had managed to score multiple endorsements and accolades which for someone who was just a newbie could complete a few years more.

So it was that Saturday when they let you celebrate with you first anniversary. The line was so long and jampacked just to get a glimpse of you and what you can offer that day. It kinda looked like an episode from the EDSA Revolution but in a peaceful and orderly way (go ahead and use your imagination).

Everyone were very eager to go inside the Broadway Studios and start the show. I can still remember it was also the day wherein the movie primer is set to be launched.

The studio was filled with people who admires and believes this simple gal. Everyone had their streamer and banners ready, the enthusiasm was so high and each person were on a positive mood.

11:30 am

The show has started. Everyone was screaming on top of their lungs.

We were welcomed with a Yaya Dub inspired opening number, with matching costumes and all. During the JFA segment , We were awed by her cheerleading skills. I was so astounded that I forgot to even take a picture for myself. She flipped and flew in the air like any professional cheerleaders do. I have been cheer-leading for at least 2 years now but my skills were nothing compared to what she had done that day, to think she had only a day to rehearse. Everyone on the studio had dropped their jaw in amazement.


Her 2nd production number took us even to a higher level, the moment the music started, I thought I was inside a Beyonce Concert. The way she stands confidently at the centerstage and busting her moves off made my eyes glued on her. Again, everyone was delighted to see her perform like a legitimate concert performer. Every person inside the studio was screaming and jumping from excitement with the exuberance that she had displayed that afternoon. Oh the feels! I’m still feeling those goose bumps while I am typing it.


Of course, the day would not end without her playing the drums. It wouldn’t be complete without that. For that day, it was just really her. Hearing and watching her play the drums to the tune of one of her favorite songs was a joy to see. And of course she was joined by Alden at the end.


The main highlight of the day was when she acknowledged the three grandmas ( the one they met during the sugod bahay segment), you can see how kind and down to earth person she was by the way she interacts with them. The joy from their eyes were indeed irreplaceable, I can totally see from afar how delighted they were not just to see her in flesh but as well as to interact with her. I can fully relate to what they are feeling at that moment for I had experienced it as well. The love that these elderlies showed was a true testament how she can touch everybody’s hearts.

The day would also never end without her singing her own composition and of course the theme song to her first solo movie “Imagine You and Me”. Everyone inside the studio was teary eyed as they were singing along, from there you just knew from the start that they had the song memorized from the heart.

As the day had ended, everyone left the studio with a smile plastered on their face and with exhilarating joy. You can truly see the effect of the enigma that she possess. It was a day to be treasured and remembered.






All production photos courtesy of Eat Bulaga FB Page.

Photos used at the end where from the author.




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