ALDUB: A year and beyond. (An ALDUB Anniversary Experience)

July 16,2016.

It’s been a year since two people with opposite personalities met and shook the entire country to its core.

It’s also been a year filled with intense emotions and an all time high of excitement.

From the moment that first smile was given, up until to the very last hug everyone was clamoring for more.

Therefore a celebration is a must to commemorate all of those important highlights that helped establish this so called phenomenon.

Days prior to the event, the EB Management called on all representatives from different fan clubs to help participate for a very special production number. Everyone was giddy with excitement and can’t wait until Saturday. We were told to keep mum on it as it will be their surprise for the two, which made us more excited than ever.

So Saturday came and I was amazed by the number of people who turned up at Broadway Centrum just to celebrate their first anniversary. Some of them even camped out the night before just to make sure that they could get ahead of the line.

As we were waiting for further instructions, I can see cakes keep on pouring in from different groups, there were tiered and some of them customized. From that point you would be able to see how people loved them so much.

Hours before the airing time we were ushered in to our holding area, from there we just waited and waited until our cue. Before that, we were already advised that there might be a chance that we cannot watch the entire show as we will be inside our room but thankfully someone smiled down upon us thus we were able to watch it together with the rest of the country.

The entire production was excellent, they were able to highlight all the important events and bits that made the whole phenomena as to what it is now. I just wished Lola Tidora was there and it would be all complete.

Photo credits to Google
Photo Credits to Google

30 minutes before our cue came in, we were lined up outside the studio and from there everyone started to feel nervous. Our cue was to enter the centerstage after the chorus of “Imagine You and Me”. While we were at the sidelines, we had a sudden throwback of events. We were all teary eyed as we reminisce those moments that happened already a year ago, as to how from different sets of people now had become the best of friends lest a family.

As we enter the stage, that was when reality kicked in. I was enthralled by the ambiance set inside the studio.  That was when I understood why it has to be in Broadway Studios. It was where everything had started.

As we sway and sang along with the two of them, I saw from their eyes the gratitude they both felt for us. The emotion was so high that I was not able to take some photos or videos during the production, but nonetheless, I could only experience that for once in my entire lifetime and I’m glad I was able to take part on it.

As the day ends, even though I was dead tired from all the commotion that happened. I was still grateful and blessed that I took part of this grand event. I could definitely do this again and again as long as they want me to.




(All photos courtesy of Maine Admirers Official)


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