A Call for a new entry

Whoa, so its been a few months since I last posted an entry here. I know…I know.. .I know… its not that I’m that lazy to write but its just that I’ve been finding the best reason to write about and I think I was able to found not just one but at least four of them.

Well, I would like to do separate entries on each one of them so this is just only a primer. so here the list goes:

  1. Maine’s 1st Anniversary Experience
  2. ALDUB’s 1st Anniversary Experience
  3. Imagine You and Me Movie Review
  4. Maine Admirers Exclusive Block Screening of IYAM


I know its a lot but I will be trying my very best to finish all of them within this week while the moments and memories are still fresh for me to recall.

And Oh, I will posting some photos as well, just to give you a visual aspect of it.




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