Only Maine and you.. That’s all that matters.

I honestly don’t know what to say, the moment I read about this Boracay post made me all giddy and happy at the same time. It was so bare and you can see right through her words how happy she felt that time. I, for once also yearned for that moment not to end, for I want them to enjoy their time together without studio cameras following them around.

And I do agree with you Ms. Carmi, We SHOULD be happy for THEM.

Hindi natin hawak ang kanilang mga damdamin. Let fate take its own course. Just like what Lola Nidora said, Lahat ng bagay dumarating sa tamang panahon.

Huggable Me Writes

Ever since I read Maine’s blog, I was full of thoughts, feedback and excitement.

Like I said in my previous blog, she really let us peek into her heart and soul in that Bora entry. That was Maine. She poured herself into that blog and shared to the world a special day that she will be treasuring for the rest of her life. Being an introvert, it was actually quite brave of her. Talagang nagpakatotoo siya and it was in the middle of all the questions, mga pagtatalo about her and Alden.

Alam ko na kayo din napaisip nung MAINE Event kung ano yung dahilan when she said na nagtatampo siya kay Alden. All the more napaisip tayo when Alden kept saying, Kahit nasaan ka pa, darating ako. Kahit saan ka, susundan kita.”Now, finally, we understand it.

Maine here, was just like any other girl. She was like…

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