Behind Nicomainechella (through my eyes..)


I was actually planning to catch up on some reblogs that I intend to finish before I get to set sail for my vacation next week, but I couldn’t help myself to write a reply about the “SMU” post. I am not an admin of any FC’s nor an organizer of the said event but I would just like to share what my thoughts and how joyous the event has been.


Let’s start the story 2 months prior to the “Big Event“.


It was 2 months ago (actually 3 as of this writing.) when I read a post on the official facebook group of an FC (Maine Admirers) that I currently belong to announcing slots for Maine’s Surprise Birthday Party, I think it was around 7am. I can’t remember if I had just woken up that time or if I had just gotten home from work. Anyways, there are at least 40 slots to fill and whoever who can contribute first will secure the slot. I really wanted to go, but my main problem is that the deadline for deposits, We were only given until Thursday to secure the slots or else it will be given to another member, and my payday falls on Friday during that month. With a heavy heart, I let go of the opportunity to meet and be part of something special. I was so saddened by the fact that the door opened yet I couldn’t get in due to some obstacles that blocks the entryway. So, 3 days after the post was made, A good friend backed out the last minute for she had plans on the same date and with a good heart, she passed on the slot to me. It was one of the joyous days of my life. I was already giddy and excited when I learned about it. I can still remember the happiness I am radiating the entire time that even my colleagues from the office noticed it, But I can’t disclose the main reason during that time for it was a “TOP SECRET” and I feel like I’m a CIA Agent going undercover for once. (hahahaha!).


So, while we were counting the days until the “Big” day, I received another post that they need volunteers for a special performance, I am not that sure as to what kind of performance they had in mind back then but I am hesitant to step forward for I don’t know the group of people I will be working with. And plus the fact that I am still on my hiatus mode from dancing. (I am currently a member of an active dance group at my office and I’ve been dancing nonstop for 2 straight years thus the hiatus mode). Meet ups was set and I’ve also been throwing some ideas and suggestions on the group messenger. Until, One day I decided to show up on their rehearsals, I was already late due to some prior commitments but I still pushed through. So while I was there, I saw the routine , I don’t intend to brag but due to my experience I saw it as “Okay”. Still, I am hesitant to join for most of them where “legit” girls, and I would be the only thorn among the roses. I can still remember that I’ve been battling the idea whether to perform or not, but showing your talent towards a special person made me come up with decision.

Here comes the second day of rehearsals, again, I was hesitant to join for I thought they were only gonna do a femme hiphop and I am very uncomfortable with that genre so to speak. I was supposed to give up when the choreographer told me that she had another idea in mind, thus came my solo. I was kinda shy at first for I was dancing in front of new people and the attention I was getting from them is too unfamiliar. So to cut it short, I ended up dancing with them and created a good routine after. It took us 6 weekends  (Saturdays and Sundays) to learn , rehearse and perfect the routine, and while were at it, I found new friends which I am currently hanging out to and I do actually enjoy to be with (naks! ang clingy ko, hahaha!).


March 01, 2016.

The “Big Day” has arrived. I don’t think I slept after I went home from the office, and I think I wouldn’t be able to even though I had no work the night prior to that. I was still thinking about what to wear up to the last minute. I have been researching for weeks for a perfect Boho/Coachella Themed outfit for the party, but there’s too many options and I gave up on all of them. So I ended up with a plain white shirt topped with a suit jacket and chino pants, paired with sneakers and a fedora hat. I just aimed for something simple yet presentable.

Everyone was on high spirits and looked so fab that night. It was truly a statement of genuine admiration and love for Maine. The party was supposed to start at 7pm but we were able to get inside the venue 10-15 mins past seven. We were also instructed not to bring any cellphones inside to avoid gate crashers and so on and so forth, and as a sign of respect to the organizers as well as to the celebrant we abide by the rules set to keep things in order. Getting inside the venue was like getting into another realm. I assume you had seen most of the photos from different sites as well as her (Maine’s) blog post so I wouldn’t get so much into details, (and I’m also afraid to miss out on something.) So  going back, I couldn’t help but admire everyone behind the staging of this event. I can see it was carefully thought and planned. I have been to so many events and yet this was one was really one for the books so far. I was still observing around when I heard that she came already. I literally froze and my heart was beating twice as fast as it should be, I don’t know if its due to the excitement to the fact that SHE’s literally HERE! only 2-3 feet away from me. So when she came in, It was like a dejavu of my “Katy Perry” moment three years ago, I got starstruck and I only manage to scream shrill with happiness and excitement as she pass through our table. And then so begins the program.

As you may have read from her blog, the program was divided into four surprises and here are some of them:

“So the first surprise was the party itself, second was the birthday AVP, third was..surprise dance numbers by all the present groups that evening. Aside from the party and all, it’s amazing how they were able to prepare their own dance number for me. Each group had their own distinct performance and get-up. Nakakaaliw at nakakatuwa silang lahat, sobra!”

– Ctto Maine’s Blog


“Aside from all the groups, my friends and my family also prepared a dance and song number for me. (I did not even know they were there til it’s time for them to perform; they are the fourth surprise!) They asked me to join them on stage and I had no choice so I ended up dancing and singing with them. Nakakaloka hindi ako prepared! …oh well I am always unprepared. The thing is, sometimes the greatest memories are made in the most unlikely of occasions. It was fun though and somehow embarrassing–not!

After each group’s performance, all members of their group were asked to go on stage to give their birthday greetings and messages, followed with the blowing of candles. Most of them prepared short but sweet birthday wishes while some composed concise poems for me. Also, they all had their own customized cakes made specially for me! Ang gaganda and ang dami! From small cakes to tiered fondant cakes! I wanted to devour all of it but they are so pretty I don’t even want to touch ’em. I also had this 21 mini cakes held by the people who are close to my heart (family and friends), ang bawat cake ay may kalakip na hiling.”

-Excerpt from Maine’s Blog


“A 21 roses dance was also done! Phen (the one who made the cocktail dress for me to wear during tamang panahon) made a ready to wear ball skirt for me! (And it’s yellow, yaaay!) Lakas maka debut, no? Starting with the traditional waltz with the men in the family, to my close friends in college, to some of the group admins and members, ending with a song number by my sisters along with my mother.

Mayonnaise, an alternative rock band, were also present during the party! I was so happy when they performed one of my favorite Coldplay songs–yellow! Abby Camitan also prepared a song for me. She/we sang one of my favorite Ed Sheeran songs–Tenerife Sea. (She asked me to sing along with her but I failed miserably. I ruined the song, I’m sorry Abby and Ed.)

Lastly, the blowing of MAIN(E) candles and the time for my speech! For everyone’s information, I suck was never good at making speech.
I simply expressed my gratitude to the organizers and sponsors of the party and to everyone who came. Extended my gratitude and appreciation to the other groups and members who weren’t able to come, to the ADN, as well as the team no group, and to everyone else who have always shown their support from the beginning.

The party ended with photo op and of after party. I was not able to spend the rest of the evening grooving with everyone but I still took some time to sing and revel with them. I sang a few songs (still with Mayonnaise) and I am very happy that everyone was singing along with me. I looked around and saw everybody having an electrifying time; I could tell that they were all elated that evening. It was the best night for most of us.”

-Excerpts from Maine’s Blog


It was indeed a night of all nights. No one was ready to go home that night even though some of us has still work the next day, we SANG, GROOVED and PARTIED ALL NIGHT LONG!, I was unable to have some booze though for I am not confident enough to assure that I won’t trash around, plus it would be too embarrassing not just for me but for the whole FC I was with if I ended up getting wasted. That night was one of too many firsts for me and I have no regrets on them.

While am at it. I would like to thank the whole Solid Maine United (Maine Admirers, most particularly) for an opportunity I never once imagined that would ever happen. I salute each and everyone for the untiring efforts to make this big event possible. I have found another faMAINEly that I will defend and love wholeheartedly. I enjoyed every second and will look forward to more best opportunities and endeavors to come, not just for the entire FC and its members, but to the MAINE woman, herself.


-Some photos courtesy of Nice Print Photography


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