Sunday Currently 07

It’s Sunday again, but lo it’s not just an ordinary sunday, It’s Easter Sunday everyone. That means it’s time for a new beginning. And a new blog post is also a must.

READING: my facebook timeline flooded with Batman vs Superman statuses

WRITING: the sunday currently entry number 7.

LISTENING: to Hotline Bling by Drake. That song already stucked on my head.

THINKING: about a lot of things…

SMELLING: the heavenly scent of my white chocolate mocha drink as well as my waffle. Hahaha..

WISHING: for things to turn out great.

HOPING: for a better month ahead.

WEARING: a red tee shirt, my ever reliable jeans and my brother’s sneakers.

LOVING: my waffle!! I have never had one in ages. Ugh! Cravings.. they do kill me. Hahaha!

WANTING: some red velvet cupcakes though. I saw one on TV and now I’m craving.

NEEDING: patience, a clear head and an inspiration.

FEELING: EXCITED! I’m gonna watch Clark, Bruce and Diana today with some newfound friends. It’s kinda unplanned but who cares. Hahaha!

CLICKING: on this basketball thingy on Facebook Messenger. It’s kinda addicting. Whoever invented this must be executed. (Just joking!)

So how’s your Easter Sunday?


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