Towards a Philippine Genealogical Society

I was just browsing through the internet at the office when I suddenly remembered about a show called “Who Do You Think You Are“. I was so intrigued and fascinated about this show that makes me want to trace my ancestral roots here in the Philippines. I did actually signed up for a genealogy website which will cost me around $20/month to start off, but I am having unrelated results as of the moment. I am now thinking of cancelling it since, $20 is a LOT for me. Then I tried other links on google, until I found this blog. It was written on 2011 (5 years after it was posted), It was a call for a local genealogy research team. I am actually very interested in this cause. I hope that the author would be able to read about this. I can say I am inexperienced and have no degree about this line of work, but I’d be willing to dedicate my time for it. I wanted to see if there are others who were as interested as I am.

Ang Aming Angkan

Why are research and conservation efforts focused on such a small percentage of the population?  Why are research tools not readily available to the general public?  Why are rare papers at the National Archives only available to those with a “special authority” from the director?  Why do people sell their lolo’s old office papers por kilo at the bote-garapa?

Behind my questions is the poor state of interest in history and preservation in the Philippines.  Ambeth Ocampo, with his writings, has done a lot to bring the lives of Filipino heroes closer to the the average Pinoy; but so much more needs to get done.  I feel that the best way to get kids and young adults today interested in the time before Facebook games and Android phones is to get them researching about something personal — their own families.

Sadly, little has been done to effectively present history…

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