Sunday Currently No. 6

I just realized it’s been so long since my last entry, so while waiting for the food that we ordered to come, I might as well get busy and add a new one. So here it goes.

READING: the Padi’s food menu

WRITING: the sunday currently entry number 6.

LISTENING: to the acoustic playlist of The Pad by Padi’s Point, which happens to be on my senti playlist. (have you guys looked into my playlist?)

THINKING: about things that needs to be settled.

SMELLING: the not-so sea scent of Manila Bay.

WISHING: for peace of mind. I really really need one immediately.

HOPING: for things to get better so soon.

WEARING: a blue collared polo shirt, jeans and my ever reliable trainers.

LOVING: my new team. They’re as crazy as the old one. But of course, I still miss Team Chris.

WANTING: some more TIME!!!, and some Beach Escapade soon!

NEEDING: assistance over my upcoming events. I AM NOW GETTING CRAZY!

FEELING: mellow. I need a drink.

CLICKING: Amazon website. Looking for some rare items.


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