Time to Reflect: What really matters?

Once again, your posts were on On-point Ms. Carmi.

I actually had noticed this tension a few months back, I was just been keeping mum about it so as not to overlap the optimism and happiness that I get from them. I’ve been reading a lot of criticisms and feedback from twitter, the same platform where we got united thus the term “ALDUB Nation” was born. It is so sad to admit that we have been drifting apart with the so called one sided factions.
Where’s the so called “Bayanihan”?
What happened to Unity?
Where’s the values that we all learned from Lola Nidora?

It’s a sad sad reality, but we can still turn things around. Let us all be happy for everyone and let’s learn to keep an open mind about every possibility that might occur.

And yes, as Ms. Carmi said, Lent season is coming up, it wouldn’t hurt to reflect and look things through.

Huggable Me Writes

I may be a little on the quiet side lately (me being busy and all) but it doesn’t mean that I am unaware of what’s happening lately.

It really saddens me although I still have a lot of hope and positivity left in me to try and fight back all the negativity that is going on. Do you know why I’m sad? It’s because I think what’s tearing us apart is not the bashers or the outside forces anymore but rather what lies within the fandom.

For months it has been going on. You have Side A and Side B supporters, you have Reel and Real.

And since the Time for Lent is nearing, I encourage all of us to reflect on a couple of things:

Una, why are we here in the first place? Why is this fandom called Aldubnation? Hindi ba nabuo nga tayo dahil sa tambalang nabuo…

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