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I admit, that Saturday episode could’ve been better since it marks a lot of firsts but nevertheless I am still grateful because it means there’s still a lot to yearn for. I can’t even wait for the Lenten Special.

Huggable Me Writes

I noticed that a lot of people had some negative reactions about Saturday’s episode. Yes it happens to any series, there would be episodes that are not as great as the others. But it doesn’t make it wrong or bad either. Kasi for me, wala namang masama kung simple lang ang isang episode. You can take it as a break or as preparation for something big. Nevertheless it is still connected and substantial.

Pero alam niyo para sa akin, special pa rin yung episode. Bakit? Just look at these:

Kung para sa inyo wala lang. Aba sa akin, meron, meron, MERON!

That look, that hug, that twirl just showed me how these two missed each other so. For a minute there again they weren’t in character. I guess being away from each other does that to people… Especially if you’re special to one another… Don’t you agree? 😊😍

Di ba…

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