Naniniwala na ako sa Forever

It’s on point and everything listed down here is 101 % accurate. I agree that as fans we should be happy for them and be the best support that they can get as they discover and go through this road to forever. And Yes, I do believe in “Forever” also.

Huggable Me Writes

Ever since we all discovered Aldub, a lot of things have changed in our lives.

Let’s do a little checklist:

  1. Naging active sa twitter – Check
  2. Naging creative. Natuto magedit ng photos, gumawa ng videos, lumabas ang writing skills – Check
  3. Naging addict manood sa replays – Check
  4. Naging puyatin lalo na pag may twitter party – Check
  5. Naging Funny (Aminin!) minsan man o madalas – Check
  6. Naging mamimili ng magazines at lahat na lang ng produktong ineendorse ng Aldub – Check
And these are just the general stuff. I’m sure na mas marami pang iba.
But if there’s one thing na I learned and really appreciated with Aldub/Maichard, it would be that I learned to explore that magical and giddy feeling of being in love.
Dahil sa kanila, naramdaman ko muli ang kilig at ako’y naniniwala na sa forever.
I’ll be honest. For the longest time, I have given…

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