The Heart knows what it wants : Alden

Before anything else, i would like to commend Ms. Carmi for a wonderful write ups, I ‘ve been following her since I came across her link from twitter. Big Kudos to you, Ma’am.

As per this blog, I was actually there at Broadway when everything happened. I could say, I was blessed to be a part of something special for both of them, I saw how sincere this man to his lady and for this time, he had left me with an assurance that he will definitely take care of her. True to his words, what’s bound to happen will always find a way., and here it is, it’s like the moon and stars had aligned to give them a chance to blossom into something worth retelling through generations.

Huggable Me Writes

For the past few days, I have been wanting to write a blog for Alden. I haven’t written one about him in a while but it never meant that I loved him any less.

Nakakalungkot kasi may gawin man sya o wala, nababash pa rin siya. And it really makes me so angry kasi I really don’t understand one-sided fans. Nasa Aldubnation kayo. ALDUB = “Alden + Yaya Dub” It’s a pair not as a single person. Minsan gusto ko sabihin gumawa na lang kayo ng sarili ninyong fandom kaya wag kami! Wag sila!

I have always admired Alden. He embodies a lot of traits na we all want in a man – sweet, handsome, caring, funny, a gentleman. In the beginning, aaminin ko nagisip pa ako kung Reel o real pinapakita nya. But as the days went by, he opened himself up more and more. He transformed before our…

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