A day that’s one for the books

It was Sunday morning when the internet broke down, the reason? It’s because of these two. I remember Alden or should I say Richard saying, he has 2 surprises, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. I thought he will just greet her while on his set of SPS but lo and behold, the biggest surprise of all was when he took some time off just to celebrate with her lady love (I would call it lady love since its getting obvious now.. haha.) And, with that I salute you, Richard.

Huggable Me Writes

I never thought that I’d have to do back to back blogs. To be honest I’m still overwhelmed with your response from the previous one. At kahit alam ko na getting either one of them to read my blogs is next to impossible, I will never stop writing what’s in my heart.

Halos hindi pa tayo nakakarecover sa mga pangyayari nung Saturday and yet here comes something that is such a game changer.

Welcome the era of Maichard.

Before the first picture came out, I got wind of a little insider info about what was happening. Pero di kasi ako basta2x funny. I don’t want to have wrong information. (And of course mahirap mahopia!) But then I finally got the confirmation and soon after the 1st pic came out.

Chaos swept the entirety of Aldubnation. Lahat nataranta, nagpanic, natulala. May mga tao na parang kailangan pang alugin o pitikin para…

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