What a way to start the month of March!

I can definitely say that my year has been starting off in a good way.

As most of you had observed, I’ve been reblogging all updates about ALDUB and anything that is related to them. And yes, I am an ALDUB fan and I’m very proud of it.

However, there was this girl named “Nicomaine Dei”and she captured my heart by bringing some light into my dark world. A self-confessed introvert, which I can deeply relate to.

So, here comes March 1, 2016. It was supposed to be an ordinary day for an ordinary fan girl like me, but fate stepped in and granted one of my heart’s wishes. I was one of the lucky or should I say blessed persons to be part of something special.

I don’t really know as to how the planning went, but I heard it took two months of carefully planning to make it that successful, and to that I salute each and everyone who participated and kept the secret even though I knew that everyone is excited and can’t almost contain the happiness.

Every episode of that party is memorable but one thing that stood out to me most was “The Reveal”. Her reaction was that EPIC. I  admit, I had certain expectations as to what her reactions would be but I was floored on that night. She really is something, I can truly attest as to how down  to earth and humble she is, including her family. They are as genuine as you can get.

I can truly say that the surprise birthday party was a success even though there are some technicalities that should’ve been avoided, but hey, nothing’s perfect in this world. In her eyes, it was truly magical and perfect, and that’s what’s important.

The event was filled with loyal supporters and well-wishers for the celebrant. The theme itself is a match to her simple, bubbly but chic personality.

I would personally like to share my own pictures, however cellphones are not allowed at the venue in order to keep some privacy and make sure that everything goes well to plan.

Here are some pictures from that night though…



(All photos courtesy of Nice Print Photos.)



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