The First Time…

I just read this article, and I admit, I got giddy whenever I remember this episode. One thing I could say though is that there are things that needs to remain private between two parties, all we have to do is just support them and let’s see as to where they would go.

Huggable Me Writes

Be honest Aldubnation. I’m 100% sure that you guys are not over the events of yesterday’s episode. I know I’m not!

Everybody remembers their “Firsts.”

First Car. First Pet. First Love. First Kiss.

There’s something about “firsts” that is so memorable, so unforgettable, and so special.

I know I keep in my heart and in my memory my firsts. Okay don’t ask me what they are haha *baste*

The minute Maine came out of the dressing room, I immediately tweeted saying that this may be a “Wedding Dry Run” and asked if the “You may now kiss the bride” part – meaning the kiss will also be practiced. True enough my musings did come true! Yipee!

Lo and behold even as the very irritating “Potpot” had already made it’s usual badly timed entrance, Alden slowly moved in closer, closer, then mouthed some words, then moved in for a kiss. I swear…

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