Getting to Know Ate Dub Nikki Mendoza-Catalan

It’s funny but I feel the same way as Niki towards her sibling. Nothing will ever replace a sibling bond.

Huggable Me Writes

Besides being a fan of the Phenomenal Duo Aldub, I have also been such a huge fan of Maine’s very strong support system – her family.

People have always noted and appreciated the kind of breeding Maine has. Obviously, it is a reflection of how well she was raised by her family. This is what molded her to become the kind of woman she is now.

And one essential person who can be considered as a part of Maine’s stronghold is no other than her eldest sister, Nikki Mendoza-Catalan – more fondly referred to as Ate Dub.

And through our group Sakololo’s Event, we were able to hold our 4th Monthsary with a back to back celebration through an outreach program with Ate Dub Nikki and Baeyaw John. And I was given the rare opportunity to sit down and chat with Ate Dub. It didn’t even feel like an interview at…

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