So while I was waiting for my new friends to arrive, Why not spend my time hitting up a new post. And here it goes…

READING: some facebook updates that I missed last night. I was asleep for almost 12hrs.

WRITING: the sunday currently entry 4. I admit, I am enjoying it.

LISTENING: to my guilty pleasures playlist on spotify. (Love me for a Reason is now playing actually)

THINKING: about a lot of things.

SMELLING: the heavenly scent of McDo Fries. Ah… yum..

WISHING: for the time to go slower… (Monday na naman kc bukas eh.. lam na. )

HOPING:ย that we can pull this presentation off. I have massive belief in them.

WEARING: a blue V neck shirt and my ever reliable chino pants. (Which is getting tighter due to gaining some weight.)

LOVING: that I get to spend another time dancing again, as well as share my talent for a good cause.

WANTING: some CARBONARA please… been craving for it for weeks..

NEEDING: someย more time always..

FEELING: some mixed emotions..

CLICKING:ย on some random updates and pictures of friends.

So how’s your sunday is going?


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