Finding Joy

I’ve been feeling a little empty and down very lately, I don’t have any idea as to whats the reason behind it, but I can’t ignore the fact that some people, already notices that I am getting irritated by some petty reasons. So, while I am stucked in this traffic at the early part of the morning, I need to overturn this emptiness I’m currently at and find some things that usually keeps or makes me happy.

The more I am jotting down all the ideas, I realized that it’s so much easier for us to think of the things that makes us down rather than what boosts us up.  It’s too pathetic, I know. It must be human nature, I guess.

So while I’m at it, I managed to trim down my list into 10 things that keeps me happy everytime. I actually wanted to have them all at the same time, but as the saying goes, “you can never really have it all. ”

Here’s my top 10:

1. A Really Good Chic-flick Movie. It never really fails to make me smile and feel giddy everytime. I don’t mind whoever’s in it as long as it was brilliantly created.

From the Movie, “The Notebook” (c. google images)


2. CARBONARA. I am a happy person once I had a platter of that creamy pasta, oh it must be fettuccine or penne or else hahaha.. And it must have a bunch of BACON! What a joy!

C. google images


3. SHRIMPS!. You can never go wrong with it unless you have allergies.

c. google images



4. VIDEOKE. I don’t know why, but I can’t turn down this machine. It’s like my own kryptonite.

c. google images



5. PLAYING DRUMS. (I seriously need to play again after some freakin N-years..)

c. google images


6. CATS. I am very much obsessed with them. I love how fluffy and furry they are.

c. google images


7. BEACH. I love to spend some time swimming or strolling around the beach. It helps me think more positively.

Kalanggaman Island (c. google images)



8. DANCING. Oh how I miss dancing again, it’s been what? 6 or 7 months already? I need to get back on it soon.

c. google images


9. SINIGANG. Just give me this dish, and I am a one happy fat kid. Any variety will do for me.  (But I prefer, Sinigang na Hipon sa Miso..)

c. google images


10. SLEEP. The more that I grew older…the more I appreciate how important sleep is.

c. google images



So for you, my dear reader, once you see me lost and staring at nowhere. You now have an idea what to get me.

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