The truth of my heart: Maine Mendoza

I absolutely find this woman very brave. What she did is not a plea to understand her but a voice that needs to be heard.

Huggable Me Writes

Yesterday’s episode really touched my heart in so many ways. Aminin niyo, impossible na hindi kayo napaiyak o nanikip ang dibdib habang binasa ni Maine yung poem nya para kay Alden. The same way how Alden’s poem caught us by surprise, Maine’s left us breathless. That was her speaking, not Divina. I heaved huge sighs as I watched and listened to every word that came out of her mouth.

Let’s take a look at that poem again:

To be honest, if I would write a poem for myself it would be just like Maine’s. She spoke every truth that was inside her heart. Lahat tayo saksi sa mga pangyayari sa kanilang dalawa ni Alden. Alam nating lahat kung gaano kalaki ng pressure, ng expectation, ng batikos sa kanilang dalawa. If there’s one thing na we all admire about Maine is that she has always been real and transparent. She never…

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