So I had this prepared a day earlier and due to a loaded weekend schedule, I only managed to have this published just today.
READING:  those 1000+ messages I see on my facebook messenger. (I took an online break for a week)
WRITING: this blog post so far, been planning to start on working on my first screenplay but I’ve been loaded with lots of ideas and I can’t itemize them.
LISTENING: to the dogs barking  outside our compound. 
THINKING: about my impending reunion event on April.
SMELLING: the manly air-scent courtesy of my brother. (what’s up with the stinky smell of boys? I always spray on some air-fresheners but their smell sticks so bad.)
WISHING: to get some sleep.
HOPING: that I could wake up on time so that I could make it to my friend’s son’s first birthday
WEARING: another black sando and boxer shorts (my favorite sleepwear)
LOVING: my new found TV obsession. 
WANTING: some peace of mind. (as always)
NEEDING: some more time please…
FEELING: kinda empty and happy simultaneously. (weird but that’s how I am for a week already.)
CLICKING: on the KCA website. (Keep the online votes coming!!)

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