Sunday Currently 02

So it’s the First Sunday of the Love month… I’ve just woken up from a 12-hr sleep (I think..), I haven’t ate anything yet but just had some caffeine boost but still the effects are not kicking in yet. I still feel so drowsy and while I’m at it maybe I should try and post another new entry. And since its Sunday, maybe I should continue with the bandwagon.
READING: Baby for the Billionaire Series on my Amazon Kindle Fire 7 (courtesy of my company). I’ve been wanting to read a new book but couldn’t find the right title. Any suggestions?
WRITING: this blog post. 
LISTENING: to the sound of my desk fan makes as well as the vehicles passing through. 
THINKING: about how can I survive the week before payday comes. 
SMELLING: the comforting odor of my beloved doggie pillow. ( It’s been with me since 2010)
WISHING: for the sun to show up. It’s kinda gloomy today. ( I need to do some laundry!)
HOPING: still for a successful redemption. (One more month!)
WEARING: a black sando and boxers, I am still on my favorite sleepwear.
LOVING:  my new playlist courtesy of Maine. (If you know what I mean..)
WANTING: some delicious pizza and pasta! (I want Four-Cheese please!!)
NEEDING: some more time, organizing an important event is very time-consuming. 
FEELING: guilty about the past event I was unable to get to. 
CLICKING: on some posts that will entice my curiosity. 
So, what are your Sundays up to? Join the bandwagon now.

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