The Sunday Currently 01

So, I have finally joined the recent bandwagon, and I am having a blast on it so far.
I am currently enjoying my last night here in the City of Pines with some booze, loud music and new found friends.
READING: some random Facebook feeds, with intermittent net connection due to my current location. 
WRITING: apart from this blog post, I have nothing in my mind yet. Let’s see if the alchohol would help. Hahaha. 
LISTENING: to EDM beats and Trance music courtesy of DJ Jade Hartman. (GOSH! I miss clubbing..)
THINKING: about some work related stuff, which I shouldn’t since I am on vacation. (weirdo!)
SMELLING: the pine-y air scent of Baguio. (and loving the cold temperature!)
WISHING: for things to get better and more opportunities to come. (crossed-fingers!)
HOPING: for a successful redemption. (2 more months to go!)
WEARING: my favorite Minion shirt and jeans. (shout out to my friends, Sol and Mik for that shirt!)
LOVING: every second left of my stay in Baguio. 
WANTING: some peace of mind.
NEEDING: some extra hands for my impending event.
FEELING: melancholic over some things. (I shouldn’t feel this way..I shouldn’t..)
CLICKING: on some newslinks about AlDub. Ahahaha. (every fangirl needs to catch up right?)

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