Chapter 1/2016

Hello everyone, I can’t believe that January will be over in a couple of days. It seems that the time is moving so fast and didn’t noticed it for just a bit. Nah, just kidding….

Anyways, I still don’t have any idea what to write about today, so I’m just trusting my fingers to type away everything my brain tells him to do.

I am currently seating on my new office desk, enduring the brightness of the light that is just above me, (I just hope that it wont trigger my migraine again.) sipping some coffee that gone cold (thanks to the water dispenser who I thought was powered on, only to realize that it was not. tsk!).

Well, just like what I mentioned above, we have what? 3 days left till January ends, So far I am having a blast this month, and here’s why:

*My Quality scores has been improving for the past 3 months now ( and I hope it will continue moving forward..), which is good because I need them badly for promotions and etc. , Thank you though to the people who believed that I can redeem myself from all through that low points that I have gone through the past year. Rock On

*A chance to watch a local noontime show LIVE. I am not usually into this kind of stuff, but there’s this one person that I really wanted to see in flesh, and one possible way is to come at the studio. That DAY though.. I swear its one of the best highlights of the month.

*ROADTRIP! Finally, after N-months… I am taking a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As of this writing, I am too amped to start my journey soon. Can’t wait to see and smell Baguio all over again. Yes, its overrated but there’s something in this place that I keeps me back every time, I am not sure as to what that is but I’m sureΒ there’ll be more surprises in store for me.

There are still other happy moments for this month, however these 3 events had the biggest impact on me. How about you? How was the start of your year? I’m sure there are some moments that made an impact right away.

With all of this behind, I am now stoked as to what February will offer me. I have a few ideas already but I’ll leave my doors open for more. Till next chapter! πŸ˜‰




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