Alden: Through the Looking Glass

Very well said. I salute you ma’am.

Huggable Me Writes

I woke up this morning to such beautiful news.

Bossing and Poleng had finally tied the knot. For me, their love story is indeed something special. Yes it was a tad unconventional. But that was the beauty of it. They redefined and set the standard on love – that it can go beyond age or preference, that it can withstand all the obstacles and that if love is true and is meant to be it will have its happy ending.

One of the most notable people at the wedding of course were our favorite pair. They looked absolutely beautiful and perfect together. Twitter went crazy when pics of them came out:

And can I just say, just take a look at the first photo. All the boys were at one side. Alden chose to be by Maine’s side. Clingy much Alden? 🙂

It really was a beautiful wedding. An event…

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That Perfect Moment

It was the Perfect Moment indeed…

Huggable Me Writes

Saturday’s episode was one for the books.

I think that the entire Aldubnation including me of course did not breathe at that one moment.

That perfect moment.

It played in my mind in slow motion even before the videos came out. A simple kiss on the cheek and it sent shivers, shrieks, and shouts of kilig and happiness throughout the Fandom.

The whole episode was already so breathtakingly beautiful.

The Opening Number…

It was like being transported into the future. Him looking so handsome in his tux… Her being so radiant and so beautiful in her gown. Him taking her in his arms and in that moment the two of them looked at each others eyes… and it was like they saw forever in each other.

It was magical. It was beautiful.

It was what we’ve always been imagining… Only it made it seem so much more.

The fulfillment of Condition…

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