Randomness overload

Its been so long since I took an initiative to write, I do remember a time wherein all I am doing is just write…write..write.. Then I got bored, and chose to leave it all alone, pursuing another hobby to divert my attention to.

Sometimes, I think I have this so called Attention Disorder. I seem to get distracted when new things/ ideas are thrown my way. I couldn’t finish whatever my hands had started to. The more I think of it now, makes me realize how plainly stupid I am for letting go of the things I should have perfected by now. well, as they say, “Nasa Huli ang Pagsisisi“. I knew I couldn’t ride a time machine and redo everything, I just have to move forward.

Right now, it took different persons or events to get me inspired to write. Maybe because I have matured enough or I have no one to talk to, but nevertheless, I will start writing and no one can stop me from it. I am thinking of the best possible topics I could write on since I’ve been reading too many stuffs that seems applicable with me, but then again, I prefer to start  a personal blog, wherein I could jot down everything that my mind produces.

As of the moment, I have my attention set to nothing, which makes it odd. I know most of you would say “What the hell Am I here for?”, “What’s the sense of reading this post?”, to answer that, I don’t know either, but one thing I can assure you, I will never write something that would bore you out. To make it more interesting, I am currently typing this post while I’m at work. Yes, I am at work. To give you a hint, I work on  a graveyard shift and I talk to people overseas without knowing them. Got an idea now?

Time will be my biggest enemy right now, I will be very busy at work, most of the time. I still have to decide if I will be resuming to participate for our presentation for the company’s anniversary ball, Or I would just sit down and catch up to all the movies or books I have missed during the past year. Right now, I’m gonna finish this cup of latte and will get the balls rolling.


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